Sally Mustang und Mitch Gobel sind ein Boho-Pärchen, wie es im Buche steht. Er verdient mit seiner Malerei ein kleines Vermögen, sie ist Model, Yogi, Künstlerin und Bloggerin – und hat ganz nebenbei eine beneidenswerten Ausstrahlung.

Neben ihrem beeindruckenden Lifestyle ist jedoch auch noch ein anderes Detail charakteristisch für das Paar. Die beiden haben eine Vorliebe dafür, sich in intimen und sexuell reizvollen Posen zu präsentieren

Viele Worte, wenig Stoff

Gobel, dessen Acryl-Bilder ihm derzeit knapp 10.000 Euro pro Stück einbringen, teilt seit einigen Monaten nicht nur seine Kunst, sondern auch Erotikfotos von sich und seiner Partnerin, beide leben im australischen Surfer-Paradies Byron Bay, auf Instagram. 

Der blonde Feschak veröffentlicht in regelmäßigen Abständen Fotografien, die sein Sex-Leben mit seiner Angebeteten dokumentieren. Doch der Freigeist hat nicht nur ein Händchen für Bilder, auch mit Worten kann er durchaus kreativ umgehen. So verfasst er zu jedem Bild sinnliche Kurzgeschichten und teilt auch diese mit seiner Followerschaft. 

I figured it was coming – Instagram deleted my last post as well. I get it @sallymustang and I definitely pushed the boundaries with that one (among others). That post was much more focused on the physical aspect of our relationship. In a way it went against what we set out to do with these posts, but we had the bigger picture in mind – it drew a huge amount of attention to our posts and mentality on a whole, and that’s how we see it as being affective. Sex is a huge part of who I am, it’s actually been a far more significant part of my life than my art has. We’re sharing some of our experiences because we want people to be openly talking about sex in their relationships. We know how powerful it can be and what it creates in relation to the success of our own relationship. We’re not experts, but we’re happy and we’d like to think that these posts have inspired or helped some of you with your partners. But honestly, these posts have been very tame, social media is very restricting. We have been considering writing a novel for a few weeks now as it would give us freedom to say whatever we want… We’d love to hear your thoughts on this? 📷: @thedrifterblog 🌺: @phoebefever

Ein von Mitch Gobel Resin Art (@mitchgobel_resinart) gepostetes Foto am

Zu heiß für Instagram

Seinen 90.000 Abonnenten gefällt’s – Instagram hat jedoch bereits den ein oder anderen Beitrag aufgrund des Verstoßes gegen die Richtlinien des Portals gelöscht. 

All she was wearing were black thigh-high stockings and a silk blind-fold, no panties. She was on her knees, hands tied behind her back, legs spread as widely apart as was comfortable for her and bent over our couch… Her world in that moment was the sound of my voice and the feeling of my subtle but very apparent touch. I slowly ran my tongue up from the back of her right knee to the top of her thigh, and a little further, making sure that I let out a steady, heavy, warm breath at the same time. I ended the lick with a soft kiss then planted my lips on what was left of the inside of her left thigh, about as close as I could without kissing her 🙊. With that kiss, I moved an inch higher and gave another, then another. Without touching her I paused for a moment, so that she could feel me there – my face an inch away from her. She could feel my breath right where she wanted to feel my tongue. I started to breath faster and heavier, as I did I could hear the excitement in her breath. Her body started twitching, she was begging for it, even subtly trying to move her self towards my face, I had her right where I wanted her 😈 ‘Stop!’ I told her, and we both froze, I held my breath for a few seconds more then slowly I let out another long, steady breath and as it ran out I guided my tongue onto her. As soon as I connected with her I stopped moving, I could feel her shaking, twitching, but I stayed completely still for a moment then I slowly guided my tongue up through her, so that it was only just touching before I pulled away completely… I want my posts like this one, to inspire you, YES YOU!!! 🙈 to explore your mind sexually and then EMBRACE IT! It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in a relationship, most people are afraid to fully express themselves sexually. Communication is the key to not only a healthy sex life but your entire life. Our voice is the most powerful tool that we have as humans. Wars could literally be ended through communication. Stop being frustrated by the experiences you haven’t had yet, talk to your sexual partner about what you want, also be prepared to hear theirs and be understanding. @sallymustang 🌻🌺😍 #wordsendwars

Ein von Mitch Gobel Resin Art (@mitchgobel_resinart) gepostetes Foto am

Im Interview mit der australischen Plattform sagte Gobel, dass er mit seinem sexualisierten Social-Media-Auftritt nicht nur sich selbst vermarkten, sondern auch Grenzen ausloten wolle und mit einer Intervention von Instagram gerechnet habe.

“Sex ist ein riesiger Teil meines Lebens, es ist ein riesiger Teil von dem, wer ich bin und der Grund hinter so vielen Situationen – gut und schlecht – die mich geformt haben und mich zu dem Künstler gemacht haben, der ich bin”, sagte er im Gespräch. 

Seduction is always the best part, always! I know when I’m in a position of power… I’d just got out of the shower, I walked into my room with one hand holding the towel just so it covered my waist down, the other on the door handle. She was dancing, facing away from me and looking out to the view. I made a point of making the door slam, so that she could hear it over the music, and she did. She turned around and before she could say anything I moved towards her, I covered her mouth with both of my hands, dropped my towel and gently but firmly forced her body up against the wall of windows over looking the sea of twinkling street lights below. I positioned her face first up against the window and without warning, firmly grasped between her legs and gripped tightly. I stayed there for a moment then without saying anything, slowly guided my tongue from her shoulder up to her ear… Literally nothing else matters when I’m in these moments, it’s like being in another world. This is when I create, this is when I’m in the studio, this is when I call my life mine, I create exactly what I want and I own it completely. I’ve found this place within my sex life and my art that’s so different but at the same time, exactly the same. My appetite for sex has cost me a lot but it’s taught me lessons that I could only learn through those hardship’s. Sex is art, this is where I started being creative. I was never a footy or cricket guy, this was my creative outlet and I’ve pushed it just as far as I’ve pushed my art. Good news is, I’ll never stop pushing either 😈 #gypsywhereyouat #happyfriday @sallymustang

Ein von Mitch Gobel Resin Art (@mitchgobel_resinart) gepostetes Foto am

Gobels Freundin Sally Mustang, die auf dem Fotobloggingdienst selbst über 100.000 Follower hat, kann ebenfalls auf eine höchst erfolgreiche Insta-Karriere zurückblicken. Die zeigefreudige junge Frau hält ihre Fans nämlich ebenfalls mit kunstvollen Fotos bei der Stange. 

Da können wir nur sagen: Match made in heaven!