Die dreifache Mama und Marathon-Läuferin Dorothy Beal teilte vor einigen Tagen ein Foto via Instagram, das die Sportlerin mit Cellulite-Dellen an den Oberschenkeln zeigt.

Nach der Veröffentlichung einiger unvorteilhafter Laufbilder fühlte sich Beal eigenen Angaben zufolge „unwohl“ und bekam das Bedürfnis, etwas zur (Frauen-)Körper-Thematik im Sport beizutragen. Innerhalb weniger Sunden ging ihre Botschaft an alle Läuferinnen dieser Welt viral: „Wir sind dünn, wir sind dick, wir sind klein, wir sind groß, wir sind schwarz, wir sind weiß, wir sind jede Farbe dazwischen. Manche von uns haben Bäuchlein, andere Cellulite. Aber wir sind ALLE Läuferinnen“, schrieb Beal.

Let’s get REAL with each other again… 💚 I’m reposting this here because I think we all can agree that we are worth more than a photo captured at a race. Far too many of us let a single photo steal joy – the thing is – it’s a single photo and we need to take back any power that photo steals 💚 #Repost @womensrunningmagazine ・・・ @mileposts here 💚 Let’s get real with each other for a second shall we!? How many of you have let a race photo steal joy from you?? Both of these race photos were taken on the same day at the same race. In one I looked happy and strong and in the other I was left questioning if there was a part of my body that didn’t have cellulite. This race at some points sucked for me – I got sick – threw up before crossing the finish line and had possibly my slowest 13.1 time ever – but post race the sucky feelings faded and I remember the day being fun – drinking wine with friends after, joking how wine cures all. If you had asked me after if I had a good time I would have said YES!! I still felt that way in the days following the race UNTIL I saw the photo on the left and then insecurity set in and I thought about how that day was not fun. But that’s silly, because it was fun…A race photo is ONE SINGLE moment in time and I let one of them steal joy from me. Most times we don’t look great while we run, but that’s not why we run anyways, we run to FEEL like I look in the photo on the right – HAPPY. Don’t let a photo steal joy – you are worth so much more than one split second – moment in time. #irunthisbody @ihavearunnersbody #whstrong

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„Die meiste Zeit sehen wir nicht gerade super aus, wenn wir laufen. Aber das ist ja nicht der Grund, warum wir es tun. Wir laufen, weil wir uns fühlen. So wie ich am rechten Foto – GLÜCKLICH.“, schrieb Beal außerdem, und spielt damit darauf an, dass eben nicht alle Sportlerinnen super-schlank, durchtrainiert (kurz gesagt makellos) aussehen – und das auch nicht müssen. Im Sport geht es nämlich um etwas anderes. Mit dem Hashtag #IHaveARunnersBody fordert Beal nun auch andere Sportlerinnen dazu auf, zu ihrem Körper zu stehen.

#ihavearunnersbody regram from @trackclubbabe ・・・ Is it weird that I’m nervous pretty much EVERY Friday night?! Tempo Saturday always gets me pretty nervous about hitting paces and making it happen. Then I remind myself – you wanted this. You literally set these huge goals- then are surprised by the paces you’ll need to run to hit them. How did you think it would happen if not by getting out there and working. You can’t get from point A to point B without a lot of hard work- and you can’t be afraid to work hard when it’s time for that. So when things get tough tomorrow in your workout- remember 1. you wanted this. 2. relax into that pace, 3. focus on keeping form even when fatiguing to make yourself the most efficient possible so you can keep that pace. Excited & nervous to tempo with my track club babes tomorrow. We got this. 💪🏽6 miles on deck. @runner2628 @christineber @jess__hoff #run #running #runnersloveyoga #yoga #runblog #instarunners #marathons #bbg #bbgsd #speed #fitness

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In love with this #ihavearunnersbody photo from @thejessiest 🙏🏼💜 ・・・ Do you see me in this photo? In this photo I am strong and capable and determined and finishing the second of two marathons a month apart. But this morning I was still afraid to step on the scale. Like that number has value and therefore determines my value. It’s ridiculous of course, but that feeling has persisted for so long. So this is a reminder to myself and to you that the scale carries no value, only a piece of information, that we are so much more than our appearance and that health is infinitely more important 🙏💛 @ihavearunnersbody #healthyisthenewskinny #irunthisbody #ihavearunnersbody #sportsbrasquad #realrunning #austinmarathon #teamsnackattack

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