Fitness-Fanatiker sind ja bekannt dafür, ihre hart antrainierten, gestählten Körper auf Instagram und Co zu präsentieren. Und dabei schummeln die Social-Media-Beauties gerne mal mit Body-Contouring, Photoshop, Filtern, Licht-Einstrahlung – und vor allem mit Körperhaltung.

Alles eine Frage der Perspektive

Unter dem Hashtag #30secondsbeforeandafter zeigen Frauen nun auf Instagram und Co, wie viel die richtige Haltung, genauer gesagt das gute alte „Bauch-rein-Brust raus“, ausmachen. Die Challenge kam so gut an, dass nun immer mehr fitte Ladies die nackte Wahrheit mit ihren Followern teilen – um ihnen zu zeigen, dass alle Menschen – egal wie durchtrainert sie sind – eben einen entspannten und einen angespannten Bauch haben. Nur dass man das entspannte Bäuchlein eben nicht so oft auf Fotos sieht.

Es lebe die Illusion!

❌THIS IS NOT A TRANSFORMATION PHOTO❌ I’ve jumped on the #30secondbeforeandafter 🕐 challenge and have decided after much hesitation to share this photo. In the photo on the left I am tilting my pelvis forward, bloating my stomach as much as possible (btw I’ve got mad bloating skills), hunching my shoulders and slumping. In the photo on the right, I’m standing tall, I’m flexing my stomach, my spine is in proper alignment. Girls, for me this photo really reaffirmed how important it is to take your progress photos with the same posture, lighting, etc. It’s not about how big of a transformation you’ve had. It’s not about how skinny you appear to be or how heavy you were when you started your journey. It’s not about how you compare to other girls who are on the same week as you. I’ll tell you what it IS about: strength, integrity, fortitude–things we strive for each and every day that we wake up and choose to be honest with others, but first and foremost, honest with ourselves about our insecurities, our hopes, our struggles, our triumphs. At first this picture embarrassed me. I wasn’t going to share it and I’ve hung onto it for days debating. I’m doing it now because it’s REAL. So jump on the bandwagon or don’t–either way, let’s work together to keep this community transparent and goal driven! #transformationtuesday #not #honest

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LET’S TALK ABOUT BLOAT, BABY. So last night I went out with some friends to one of my all time favorite restaurants, and I had some fried crab rangoons, an egg roll, and some fried rice. Then I went and had 3 drinks while out, and this was what it looked like when I came home. This is NOT a transformation. This is a #30secondbeforeandafter and I guarantee that this morning I look 87% better than the second photo because my body has had time to digest. A lot of people follow me because they want my abs/ want to know secrets to getting them, and they think I’m like this magical unicorn that walks around with a 6 pack all day. Trust me, Not true. I bloat like a MF just like everyone else! Bloat is natural and literally happens to EVERYONE. The only way you can avoid it is to not eat 🚫DO NOT DO THAT PLEASE EAT FOOD. But I just wanted to put this out there that I’m not perfect, I bloat, and I don’t look ripped all the time (ps my grandmas bathroom lighting Is not as good as my old bathroom as well 😩 but whatever!) PS currently have 2 phones so this is my American one and the iPhone 6 is my British, in case anyone was wondering why I downgraded. You will see them both on photos. – #bloat #notatransformation #foodbaby #foodcoma

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⚡⚡️⚡⚡️️️JOIN THE CHALLENGE! Use hashtag #30secondbeforeandafter ⚡⚡⚡️️⚡️️ 🕐 these photos were taken seconds apart 🕓 this is NOT a before and after ❌ For #transformationtuesday, I’m sharing another 30 second before and after to show the power that images have and our ability to filter what we show the public. ▫️Left image: bad posture, sticking stomach out, pushing legs together. ▫️Right image: standing up straight, flexing stomach, pushing thighs apart. ▫️We create our own visual identity. We decide what to project to the rest of the world. Yes, it’s great to show the highlight reel when we’ve achieved our goals or have mornings abs to flex, but it’s important to share the struggles too. I think we all can connect with one another more when we realize that we all have our own challenges and bumps in the road! But I digress… I think we should all #keepitreal every now and again, so join the #30secondbeforeandafter tribe and show us what you’ve got!

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✖ Not a transformation photo ✖ Flexed vs. Relaxed. They’re both real. They’re both my stomach. // I’m sitting here waiting for my giant gluten dairy free pizza to settle so I can start week 20 #bbgabs so I thought this would be an appropriate post. It’s been awhile since I posted a #30secondbeforeandafter but I looooove the message so here is a new one! Buyer beware of the 1 in 100 selfie! 😂 Don’t compare your behind the scenes to what you see on social media. Lighting, posing, and flexing play a large role in what you see. I post flexing pics because I’m proud of the body/mind I’m building, but I never want you to think I’m immune to food babies, bloat, TOM, or fluffy days. So here’s a challenge to you! Scroll through the hashtag for inspo and then take 2 pictures back to back – one posed/flexed and the other relaxed. Have a good giggle at yourself and then share it for the rest of us to see. People say social media is all fake, but lemme tell you this belly is 100% real! 😏 And 100% full! 🙊 #strongnotskinny #bodypositive #showmethebelly

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