Josh Coombes ist Frisör, der obdachlosen Menschen die Haare schneidet – kostenlos. Kleine Gesten, die eine große Wirkung haben. Begonnen hat seine Reise im Westen Englands, später reiste er auch nach London.

Josh wird von seinem Freund, dem Fotografen Matt Sprachlen, durch England begleitet.


Unter dem Hasthtag #DoSomethingForNothing postet der Frisör die Ergebnisse, die bei seinem Make-Over herausgekommen sind. Sein Ziel war es, etwas gutes zu tun, dass mit menschlicher Interaktion passiert. Er weiß, er hätte ihnen auch Geld gegeben können, aber ein gratis Haarschnitt beinhaltet auch mehr menschlichen Kontakt, der viel wert sein kann. Bis zu sieben Haarschnitten schafft Josh an einem Tag. Das sind sieben Gespräche, in denen die Menschen ohne zu Hause die Möglichkeit haben, viel zu erzählen. Die Idee bekam er als er in New York jemand sah, der das selbe machte.

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It’s amazing to think of how far #DoSomethingForNothing has grown in four years. A small idea has spread across the globe, with thousands of people using these four words to join in with love and compassion. That means the world to me and to every person that’s been pushed aside and spat out by society. I’ve learnt more about myself through every person I’ve met along the way. Thank you for being here with me. As always, your support is everything. This is Paul, I met him three years ago. I found Paul sat down on The Strand, one of the busiest streets in Central London. I wandered how many people he must see walking by each day. As soon as I approached him he gave me a big smile and I knew I'd enjoy getting to know this man. Paul was born in Yorkshire. After working as a mechanic for the majority of his life in the north of England, he moved up to Scotland to enjoy the next chapter. Unfortunately things didn't work out quite as easily as he'd thought. Paul struggled finding work and when his savings ran out he could no longer pay his rent. After a while Paul told me he got a cheap bus down to London because he needed new surroundings and thought there would be more support in the capital. He's been on the street for three years here and is still hoping for a break soon… Meeting Paul was an experience I’m not going to forget. We sat down and spoke for another hour after his haircut and shared stories. I couldn't have felt happier in his company. He’d become more talkative and confident. That felt good. I thanked him for spending his time with me. #DoSomethingForNothing

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